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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Beacon Bits -- Advent Music to Anticipate the Season of Joy

While I am re-grouping to continue to reflect on the community that has been changing, growing, emerging and becoming Beacon, I invite you all to attend the 3rd Annual Advent Concert to herald the season of joy!! The festivities for the tree lighting begin at 4pm at the Visitors Center, so just stop by for part or all of the concert, which begins at 5pm. Thanks :)

A Little Advent Music

A Song Recital by

Br. Josép Martínez-Cubero, OHC- tenor


Maximillian Esmus- pianist

with The Rev. John Williams, bass-baritone

music by R. Walters, C. Saint Saens, R. Vaughan-Williams, B. Britten, M. Ravel, C. Courtney, D. Besig,
 A. Guettel, R. Hayes, H. Johnson, and M. Bonds
December 9, 2017
Free Admission
Reception to Follow

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
15 South Avenue
Beacon NY 12508
One block south of Bank Square and Beacon Visitor’s Center.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pied Piper, Anyone?

“Young Person’s Guide to the Organ” – Pipes, Pedals, and Piano (with snacks to follow) on Sunday afternoon, September 17 at 1:30 PM at St. Andrews, Beacon. If you know of a young person – fourth grade and up – who already has some piano background, please let them know about this. They need to contact Susan LaGrande by emailing her at to register for this event.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Beacon Bits -- Still Going Strong

It is the mid-way point of summer and there is still time to walk the streets to take in the art along the way during the annual public art display known as Beacon 3D. Beacon 3D is a personal favorite and an event that I have supported in different ways over the last few years. Started in 2013 by artist and gallery owner, Eleni Smolen, it has been recognized by the community as progressive, meaningful, and recognized as an award winning project. 

This year, I'd like to take the opportunity to highlight my two favorite sculptures in front of my favorite architectural gem in Beacon, the Howland Cultural Center: Hedge 1, 2017 sculpture in stainless steel nails, Insun Kim, artist (top) and Columbina, 2013 reinforced concrete, Sarah Haviland, artist (bottom.)

Both hard, cold, strong, feminine, and fantastic! The juxtaposition of the two unique creations is visually stunning. One draws you in to discover the other. One appears to be rejecting and off-putting, the other inviting and huggable. Standing and taking in the visual field, I met some new Beaconites, a family of four who moved up from Brooklyn :) and while we spoke about Beacon 3D and ways to connect to other families in the community, a sparrow flew into the tree, unafraid and not threatened by the barbs and unnatural branches. It sat in the tree chirping despite our proximity and I fumbled and could not get a photo of it at the right angle, and I paused for a moment, which was long enough to realize that was all I had to do. The bird, the art, the chance meeting, the moment, the breath. It was all right there. And that is all that was needed.

Food for Thought: Art in public spaces is not about decoration or marketing or visibility. It is about that moment of connection within the space that the art creates to invite you to be a part of it, unabashedly, wholeheartedly, one encounter after the next. Thank you ,Insun! Thank you, Sarah! And many thanks, Eleni, for each and every moment!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Beacon Bits -- A Hand Full of Art

Calligraphy Exhibit

Second Saturday, July 8, 2017


*4pm-brief class/demonstration

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 15 South Ave, Beacon NY

Br. Roy Parker’s Craft

Calligraphy is a hobby and vocation for Br. Roy Parker, OHC, who lives at the Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, NY. This exhibition will capture his spirit and his art. Br. Roy will also give a demonstration and brief class at 4pm; materials will be provided for those who would like to follow along with the demonstration and practice the lettering.

Roy’s Calligraphic Journey

Br. Roy first became interested in calligraphy when he encountered the book “Sweet Roman Hand,” (ed. Wilfrid Blunt, 1952), Shakespeare’s term for Italic handwriting in “Twelfth Night. In 1980, he studied with Beva Farmer in Monterey, CA and became part of the lineage of master calligrapher Lloyd Reynolds with whom she had apprenticed. In the last 30+ years, he also studied with of Peter Thornton, Thomas Ingmar and master calligrapher, Reggie Ezell. Br. Roy has also had students of his own and taught workshops.

This joy of sharing his craft has led him to execute an extensive variety of calligraphic pieces in the form of commissions for those attracted to his work. Br. Roy is motivated by engaging with creative beauty, the pleasure of creation, and acknowledges the legacy of his creative acts. Calligraphy has also been a practice of developing patience and self-knowledge.

Br. Roy’s entire print repertoire, which are art quality giclée prints, are available from The Monk’s Cell Gift and Book Shop. Br. Roy also creates original calligraphy under commission.  Contact him to explore possibilities. To see examples of Br. Roy’s work or to order prints or cards of his calligraphy, visit the ‘monkscell’ Etsy Storefront.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Beacon Bits -- Bergen-Beacon Connection

After reading this morning's New York Times Travel piece 36 Hours - Bergen, Norway
I cannot be silent any longer about the connection I have experienced between Beacon NY and Bergen, Norway especially after recent trips to the gateway city to the fjords. When you read the Times article and learn about the nature scene for hikers, the foodie scene, the music scene and the hang-out scene for drinking beer, you will know what I know about the connection. And now that Norwegian Air will be flying direct to Bergen from Stewart International Airport, it is a no brainer to predict that travelers from Norway and vice versa will understand that there is a link between the fjords of Norway and the fjord on the Hudson. 

Personal photos in album taken in 2014: Bryggen (top), on top of Ulriken with a flashback to Mount Beacon (left), street scene in a neighborhood with its hills and cobblestone streets (right)
Food for Thought: I think it is time for Beacon to go international. Maybe this article is serendipitous. Join me in envisioning an international connection for Beacon and Bergen. Sister cities, anyone?

Monday, June 12, 2017

Beacon Bits -- All's Well That Ends Well

Some things are still in process, but some things do end. As for the WWKIP day in Beacon, "Knit Us As One", on Saturday June 10th, the event, which was one of almost 1200 in over 50 countries worldwide, is finished. A small group of eight knitters brought finished cotton dishcloths to share with the food pantry at St. Andrew's Church and enough skeins of cotton yarn were given out for another twenty to be completed by October when the knit-for-charity group resumes with new knitting projects for the winter months. More to follow about that. In the meantime, some of the scenes of the day are shared for inspiration.

Food for thought:  In case you have some time to knit a dishcloth or two, here are some patterns. You will need a skein or two of cotton yarn and size 6 or 8 knitting needles. You can stop by the food pantry any Saturday during the hours it is open for food distribution. 
Noni’s Favorite Dishcloth
Size 6 needles.
CO 38 sts.
Knit 2 rows
Row 1: (RS) Knit
Row 2 (WS) K2, purl to last 2 sts, K2
Row 3 (RS) K2, (K1P2) x11, K3
Row 4 (WS) K2, (P1,K2) x12
Repeat rows 1-4, ending with row 4, until 7.5” from CO row.
Knit 3 rows.
Bind off.

Ramen Noodle
32 sts (size 6)
Rows 1-3 - Knit
Row 4 – K3 *K2,P2, rep* to last 5 sts – K5
Row 5 – K3, *P2,K2, rep from * to last 5 sts, then P2K3
Row 6 – repeat row 5
Row 7 – repeat row 4
Repeat rows 4-7 – 10x or desired length
Knit last 3 rows.
Bind off.

Dishcloth on Diagonal

Cast on 4. (Size 6 or 8 needle.)
Row 1: Knit 4
Row 2: Knit 2, yo, K to end
Repeat Row 2 until you have 44 stitches
Row 3 – Knit 1, Knit 2 tog, yo, Knit 2 tog.
Repeat Row 3 until you have 4 stitches left.
Bind off.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Beacon Bits -- Stitch-by-Stitch

It's getting close to that time of the year when knitters all over the world gather in public to knit together and create community in towns, cities, villages all across the globe. Within Dutchess county, there are two officially registered World-Wide-Knit-in-Public (WWKIP) day events: the fourth annual event at the Walkway Over the Hudson and the second annual event, Knit Us As One, at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church on South Avenue in Beacon.The Knit Us As One event will take place on Second Saturday, June 10th, from 2-6pm, rain or shine, in the carriage house. 
Please join us to knit (or crochet) cotton dishcloths that will be given away at the Food Pantry at the church, which was featured in the Beacon Free Press last winter. Instructions and patterns, some limited samples of free yarn, conviviality and chit chat will be available for all those who join, both crafters or those who like to watch those who create stitch-by-stitch.

Food for Thought: During last year's event, our poster display on the sandwich board at the corner of Main Street and South Avenue was removed and found to be missing at the end of the day. This was the only poster that had disappeared from the sandwich board that we have placed on the corner over the last two years. On the poster advertising the event, we had noted that we were the first annual WWKIP day event in Beacon. We wonder if our message offended some of the local knitters who certainly have 'knit in public' and hope that there was not a misunderstanding, which led to the poster being removed. WWKIP is a trademark event that requires a fee to register, which Knit Us As One has contributed to, last year and this year. It is a movement worth supporting with a modest fee for those who manage the website and market the event worldwide.