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Monday, August 7, 2017

Beacon Bits -- Still Going Strong

It is the mid-way point of summer and there is still time to walk the streets to take in the art along the way during the annual public art display known as Beacon 3D. Beacon 3D is a personal favorite and an event that I have supported in different ways over the last few years. Started in 2013 by artist and gallery owner, Eleni Smolen, it has been recognized by the community as progressive, meaningful, and recognized as an award winning project. 

This year, I'd like to take the opportunity to highlight my two favorite sculptures in front of my favorite architectural gem in Beacon, the Howland Cultural Center: Hedge 1, 2017 sculpture in stainless steel nails, Insun Kim, artist (top) and Columbina, 2013 reinforced concrete, Sarah Haviland, artist (bottom.)

Both hard, cold, strong, feminine, and fantastic! The juxtaposition of the two unique creations is visually stunning. One draws you in to discover the other. One appears to be rejecting and off-putting, the other inviting and huggable. Standing and taking in the visual field, I met some new Beaconites, a family of four who moved up from Brooklyn :) and while we spoke about Beacon 3D and ways to connect to other families in the community, a sparrow flew into the tree, unafraid and not threatened by the barbs and unnatural branches. It sat in the tree chirping despite our proximity and I fumbled and could not get a photo of it at the right angle, and I paused for a moment, which was long enough to realize that was all I had to do. The bird, the art, the chance meeting, the moment, the breath. It was all right there. And that is all that was needed.

Food for Thought: Art in public spaces is not about decoration or marketing or visibility. It is about that moment of connection within the space that the art creates to invite you to be a part of it, unabashedly, wholeheartedly, one encounter after the next. Thank you ,Insun! Thank you, Sarah! And many thanks, Eleni, for each and every moment!

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