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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Beacon Bits -- A Hand Full of Art

Calligraphy Exhibit

Second Saturday, July 8, 2017


*4pm-brief class/demonstration

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 15 South Ave, Beacon NY

Br. Roy Parker’s Craft

Calligraphy is a hobby and vocation for Br. Roy Parker, OHC, who lives at the Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, NY. This exhibition will capture his spirit and his art. Br. Roy will also give a demonstration and brief class at 4pm; materials will be provided for those who would like to follow along with the demonstration and practice the lettering.

Roy’s Calligraphic Journey

Br. Roy first became interested in calligraphy when he encountered the book “Sweet Roman Hand,” (ed. Wilfrid Blunt, 1952), Shakespeare’s term for Italic handwriting in “Twelfth Night. In 1980, he studied with Beva Farmer in Monterey, CA and became part of the lineage of master calligrapher Lloyd Reynolds with whom she had apprenticed. In the last 30+ years, he also studied with of Peter Thornton, Thomas Ingmar and master calligrapher, Reggie Ezell. Br. Roy has also had students of his own and taught workshops.

This joy of sharing his craft has led him to execute an extensive variety of calligraphic pieces in the form of commissions for those attracted to his work. Br. Roy is motivated by engaging with creative beauty, the pleasure of creation, and acknowledges the legacy of his creative acts. Calligraphy has also been a practice of developing patience and self-knowledge.

Br. Roy’s entire print repertoire, which are art quality giclée prints, are available from The Monk’s Cell Gift and Book Shop. Br. Roy also creates original calligraphy under commission.  Contact him to explore possibilities. To see examples of Br. Roy’s work or to order prints or cards of his calligraphy, visit the ‘monkscell’ Etsy Storefront.

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