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Friday, August 30, 2013

Beacon Bits -- "Three Graces" of Beacon

The "Three Graces" in Greek mythology (i.e., referred to as the Charites, and also known as the Gratiae in Roman mythology) were said to be goddesses of charm, beauty, and creativity. I was reminded during the second Saturday celebration of the tenth anniversary of RiverWinds Gallery that we have our very own "Three Graces" here in Beacon: Linda T. Hubbard, Mary Ann Glass and Virginia Donovan. 
Virginia, Linda and Mary Ann (left to right)
As partners and co-owners of RiverWinds, they opened their doors at 172 Main Street, representing 12 artists in 2003, just months after DiaBeacon came to the waterfront in the renovated Nabisco factory. The gallery now shows up to 45 diverse artists who hail from the Hudson Valley. Beacon's "Three Graces" are all accomplished artists in their own right; Linda is a photographer and supporter of the arts, Mary Ann is a photographer and workshop creator, and Virginia is a painter and jewelry designer. In addition, Linda Hubbard was instrumental in founding the Beacon Arts Community Association (formerly called BACA, now known as BeaconArts), as well as Art Along the Hudson, and has been awarded several honors for her involvement and support for the arts. And Mary Ann hosted a workshop in a Tuscan villa last year and has a pictorial blog, which I follow, featuring her stunning photos that highlight the beauty of the valley.
Some food for thought:  Inspiration and prescience are special gifts. Being present at the right time and taking advantage of an opportunity takes intuition but the ability to succeed also takes foresight and planning. But being a visionary takes faith to move ahead and proceeds with grace. Beacon is fortunate to have had the artistic and entrepreneurial talents of these three women who wanted to connect to the artistic revival happening in Beacon and to leave their own legacy as they moved into the developmental phase of life where one looks to practice generativity. One could call them "muses" as  well --- the goddesses of inspiration for the arts. But whatever they are called, we are also being called to find the inspiration to follow our bliss, make our mark, and follow our destiny. It is great to have so many wonderful goddesses to be our role models. Thank you Linda, Mary Ann and Virginia!

Make an inspirational visit to RiverWinds Gallery the next time you stroll along Main Street


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