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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Beacon Bits - Raising Funds and Lifting Up the Community

In the last two months, I attended two fundraisers in Beacon to add to the multiple events I have attended in the past seven years, including dinners and dances for the Beacon Sloop Club and its refurbished Woodie Guthrie, auctions for Common Ground Farm and its green initiatives, a folk rally and beer tasting for the restoration of the Beacon Theater before it was relegated to become apartments, and the Howland Public Library friend-raiser. What marked the last two events was the size of the crowd of attendees and the spirit of those present to support the cause and meet and greet neighbors and friends, old and new. 

In December, More Good led the way with an organized gala at the Hudson Valley Brewery to raise money to provide wells for water through for those who cannot take it for granted. Founder and owner Jason Schuler is a dedicated social entrepreneur who has the right formula for growing his business in an enlightened manner and his good karma is paying off in so many ways. It was a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season!
In January, Beacon Arts supported a Roaring 20's event at the Dennings Point Distillery to raise money for Beacon Open Studios. Who knew that the local distilleries would garner attention from those who may not turn out to have a glass of beer or bourbon drink, but still know how to raise a glass and have a dance or two with friends or family. Charleston or not, it was a great evening event that was staged to the nines for the historical theme with fitting garb and costumes, excellent music, and special drinks in a speak-easy ambience. It was a treat to join in and help  to create the scene!
Food for thought: Raising funds for nonprofits will become more necessary as funding for the arts and the environment are reduced by spending cuts and philanthropic slow downs. It is also an essential way for building community awareness and support for the local issues that may also have global impact. If every organization in Beacon that represents the interests of artists, musicians, foodies, and conservationists could sponsor one fundraiser per year, the calendar year would be filled with weekly events to choose from as we move through the seasons. It's another way to put Beacon on the map with unique style and it is a wonderful way to keep connecting newcomers to old-timers in order to continue to build a grateful, altruistic and sharing community.

Support the Dutchess Junction Fire Station's annual dinner on Saturday, Feburary 17th, 4-8pm
located at 75 Slocum Road on Route 9D, Beacon NY!!

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