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Friday, March 25, 2016

Beacon Bits -- Sweet Tweets

#alpssweetshop: Marzipan gone! Jellybeans galore. Milk and dark chocolate eggs, bunnies, lambs, chicks and truffles—who could ask for more?
#alpssweetshop: Easter sweets. Gifts for friends. Treats for children. Munchies for all. So many choices for one day alone. Happy to know it’s here year long.
#alpssweetshop: Hollow. Solid. Filled. With nuts or not. Bite size. Large size. Baskets, boxes, plastic sleeves, tissue paper. Waiting to unwrap one at a time. 

It was another busy morning for my annual pilgrimage to Alps Sweet Shop, a family-owned Beacon business since 1922. It's the closest thing to "Seebode's", a German chocolatier and ice cream parlor in Sunset Park Brooklyn that I remember from childhood. While photos are not allowed to be taken within the Alps' store (what a shame), the website captures all of the varieties of hand-made delights that are available seasonally and for other special occasions. It's certainly a case when a picture is worth a thousand words!
Food for thought: Old fashioned traditions emerge with the crocus and daffodils at this time of the year. Chocolates and eggs. An interesting balance of protein and carbs. But what would we do without the rituals and traditions that warm our heart, bring forth sweet memories, and allow us to indulge once again in the little treats that become associated with each passing season. It's a blessing to have the opportunities to explore new venues that evoke the places that only exist in our long-term memories. It's another chance to greet the community as they seek their own perfect treats to celebrate renewal and rebirth of spring.

Dyeing Easter Eggs with Natural Materials
Collect onion skins throughout the year. Place skins into a pot, nestle the white eggs amidst them and cover with water. Boil and allow to cool in the pot before removing. The longer they sit, the darker the color. Transformative.
Blessed Easter!

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