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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Beacon Bits -- "To the Nines!"

I stopped by Artisan Wine Shop for the Friday pour and delighted in a taste of champagne that Tim and Mei were offering to both celebrate Tim's birthday and to recognize their 9th anniversary in Beacon as of 8-18-06! Congratulations on both!!
Since I have been educated by Tim and Mei through the last 5 years of tastings and classes and consultations for purchases, I value all that they contribute to the Beacon community with their expertise and charm. I had so much catching up to do on learning about wines, that I have not really paid much attention to everything else that they offer -- spirits, beer, cider, accessories -- despite my frequent visits. Tim and Mei are always ready for a friendly chat and catching up on gossip; I learned that the company they keep in celebrating nine years in Beacon include Beacon Pilates, Max's on Main, and Homespun, with whom they plan to collaborate for a tenth anniversary celebration next summer. Artisan is in great company, all within a few blocks of each other, with all the venues having much success to celebrate. In fact, Max's was recently featured on Fios News 1's "Restuarant Hunter" feature show (air dates 9-2-15 and 9-5-15), along with other local foodie magnets, The Hop and Beacon Bagels.
What better way to spend a Friday evening than to celebrate good things with friends before moving on to pick up my Obercreek Farm half-share of vegetables and fruits.,,,,perhaps trying out the CIA recipe for tomato jam?

Food for thought:  The one word that comes to mind at this time of the year is "ripeness". When one thinks about the entrepreneurs who arrived in Beacon over a decade ago with a vision of potential success along Main Street, those who planted their seeds, weathered the uncertainty, and who worked hard to fulfill their desires -- it is wonderful to take stock and celebrate some of their ripeness of being during this Labor Day weekend! Despite what Shakespeare says, Love's labors are never lost!

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