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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beacon Bits -- Anticipation

Now that the 12 days of Christmas are long over, we look forward to the 12 months of happenings and events on Main Street in Beacon. Here are a dozen reasons why.

1.   Weekly tastings of impeccable wine with Tim and Mei's knowledgeable advice about food-wine pairings at Artisan Wine Shop.

2.   Another taste of a great grass-fed burger at Poppy's, owned by one of the Food Network's Chopped winner, Paul Yeaple.

3.   A chance to get a seat for Sunday brunch at Beacon Bread Company.

4.   Monthly auctions for collectibles sponsored by the Hudson Valley Auctioneers.

5.   Valentine's Day chocolates at Alps, a longstanding,  family owned establishment.

6.   The relocation of Beacon Pantry to its bigger storefront and the new schedule of monthly cheese classes.

7.   The new rota of craft happenings at Nixie Sparrow.

8.   Gathering with friends at the new and improved location for The Hop.

9.   Shopping for spring clothes at Echo and other local clothes stores like Beacon Vintage.

10. Getting on track with healthy choices at Ellas Bellas, Beacon Natural Market, along with occasional treats at Beacon Bagels!

11. Diverse musical performances at Towne Crier Cafe and Howland Chamber Music.

12. Second Saturday's gallery openings with the highest caliber of artists, such as Daniel Berehulak's show, "Braving Ebola" sponsored by Fovea (now at Hudson Beach Glass), as well as local photographers' work at the Howland Cultural Center's show, "This is Beacon."

And what about the stirrings for continued renovation at the Beacon Theatre and the development and construction of the movie theater in the middle of town?

Food for thought:  Anticipation. Planning. Expectations. Unexpected surprises. It all happens in the future. But the future is never guaranteed, so we need to relish our future orientation while we never forget to take advantage of the here and now. Make it happen now. Make use of the resources and opportunities right at hand. There will be no regrets. Plant a few ideas in the moment and enjoy what is in store along the way.

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