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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Beacon Bits -- 'Ober' - Over (not really)

I celebrated my last pick up of the season for my Obercreek Farm CSA share by making a leek potato soup with the purple potatoes. To my surprise, and dismay, the soup did not take on a purple hue, as I had imagined. But it was not at all disappointing in its full and earthy flavor from the freshly picked veggies that are grown within 10 miles from home. It's my fourth year of CSA participation and this was the best year yet. I've signed up for next season and look forward to the 'bonus' Thanksgiving distribution. I have to keep reminding myself that I can continue to enjoy the bounty from Obercreek throughout the winter at the Beacon Farmer's Market and at their new store in New Hamburg where the farm is located. It will be great to see Sam and Tim and their crew without waiting for next spring.

Food for thought:  
As someone who has always functioned with the frontal lobes as a 'planner', CSA participation has reminded me that there is not always predictability in what I can expect. What has been sown may in fact not be reaped. Each time I showed up at the pick up, there were some elements that appeared abundantly, which indicated the peak of harvest for the vegetable crop that was at hand -- true for the tomatoes, zucchinis, peppers, but not so true for the celeriac, winter squash, onions, beets or bok choy. Part of the fun of being a CSA participant was putting together new combinations of ingredients and being able to create spontaneous recipes. It feels like a very European way to engage in the growing season; Jacques Pepin is my inspiration for culinary delights with the pick of the day, the find in the basket , the thrift of using everything that is at hand.  And so CSA membership is preparation for the medley of events that come at us in life when we least expect them, which allows us to be open and flexible, to seize the opportunity and to meet the challenge. And when we feel like we have to plan for success, we can always freeze that extra dish of ratatouille and serve it for brunch for guests when we choose to put it on the schedule.

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