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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Beacon Bits -- Signs of Spring

This spring has slowly unfolded as we transition to summer. The cooler than usual weather seems to be a throwback to the springs I remember before climate change accelerated the increasing temperatures long before the lengthening days of the summer solstice. A long transition gives us plenty of time to prepare and plan activities for the summer, while enjoying the process of change. Some signs of spring recently observed in Beacon caught my eye.

Kayaks stored at Long Dock are poised for launching

Mountain Tops on Main Street is gearing up for summer paddles and customers' needs

Looking south towards Hudson Highlands State Park with increasing numbers of hikers 

Flowering pear tree by Beacon's Train Station awaits Metro North passengers from NYC

Early birds setting up for the Beacon Farmers Market

Decorative bows on Main Street sponsored by the National Alliance for Mental Health (NAMI), a family advocate group for education, research and treatment of serious mental illness without stigma, help to celebrate Mental Health Month, held every May

Recruitment to get out and about with the Beacon Soccer Club
(I heard 'they're a good team' from a referee from Cornwall after a recent game at West Point)

Time to sign up for the  Beacon Theatre Summer Camp

Always time to pause for a view of Beacon Falls with the rushing waters of Fishkill Creek

Future real estate projects may be a sign to review strategic planning for Beacon's east end

Sukothai: a sign of staying power -- the rewards of being a pioneer in Beacon's renewal

Timeless and timely remembrance of Beacon's beloved Pete Seeger on the occasion of  what would have been his 95th birthday on May 3rd 

Food for thought: Seems to me that some of the signs of spring allow us to take stock of where we have been and where we are heading. They remind us to slow down enough to make the right choices as we move forward. I realized that I had not attended the celebrations this month honoring Pete Seeger because I was distracted by the kidnapping of girls in Nigeria and the concerns about the transportation of crude oil along the Hudson River. I started to feel that Pete would have directed us towards these new social justice, human rights and environmental concerns with new lyrics to old songs. I could hear him bringing new meaning to the words of his favorite songs, "where have all the young girls gone" or "up and down the Hudson flows". Just like spring, we need to re-invent ourselves and re-imagine what we can be as we bridge into our future. And we need to do this consciously, whole-heartedly, and as a community.


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