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Friday, March 7, 2014

Beacon Bits -- Diversity of Women

On the eve of the annually-celebrated International Women's Day (March 8th), I wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the Women Artists of Beacon, a show which opened on March 1st at the Howland Cultural Center and will run through March 30th.
The show is a tribute to National Women's History Month, but by virtue of the women artists represented and the content of their art, it is international in scope. One only needs to look at the roster of artists (Carol Barnstead, Stephanie Fogarty, Anne Forman, Mary Ann Glass, Charlotte Guernsey, Meredith Heuer, Gwenno James, Insun Kim, Helen Lang, Maria Largo, Jill Losee, Basha Maryanska, Michelle May, Charlene Moore, Susanne Moss, Janet Ruhe-Schoen, Tinya Seeger, Robyn Tauss, Susan Richter Todd, Kate Vikstrom, and Jane Warner) to know that among others, Wales, Spain, Norway and Korea are in 'the house'.
It's the Olympics of watercolorists, photographers, painters, print makers, collagists, and sculptors with a range of landscapes, portraits, still lives and abstract expressions. Other than joining women on the Walkway Over the Hudson on 3/8/14 or attending the Women of Beacon Awards at the Howland on 3/28, going to this show on Second Saturday or during gallery hours throughout the month, is a good way to stand in awe of the diversity of women's way of seeing, the complexity of women's way of knowing, the accomplishment of women's way of doing and most of all, the individuality of women's way of creating. Go celebrate the women of Beacon who are bold, courageous, inventive, insightful, visionary, daring, reflective, interesting, curious, colorful,
Food for thought: Since the inception of Women's History Month, there have been a myriad number of ways to celebrate the unique perspective that women bring to the world. This art show reflects our community of women who have invested in the revitalization of Beacon, as co-creators of the Main Street scene in its galleries, shops, restaurants and businesses. Take a look around, the presence and presents of women in Beacon are visible throughout all the months of the year, not just during the month of March. Now that's a celebration!

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