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Monday, October 31, 2011

Beacon Bits -- Unpredictable

The snowstorm on Saturday, October 29th in the Mid-Hudson Valley, will be long remembered by anyone hoping to enjoy the last weekend of 'peak' autumn leaves, preparing for Halloween happenings, or getting caught in a scary and dangerous commute along roads that were unplowed and made impassable by downed limbs and trees. This weather event, along with Hurricane Irene, have impressed many residents in the area to be on alert and ready for natural disasters that create mundane crises. For those of us who lost power, we got to see if we had sufficient flashlights and battery-operated lighting to help us navigate our homes. For those of us with cellphones, to see whether we had an available car charger or an old-fashioned land line. For those of us with electric appliances, the value of gas cooking and a Bodum coffee press. For those of us who went to the bank, a new reason to carry some extra cash. For those of us without a stocked freezer, the relief of not worrying about wasted food. For those who are addicted to the Internet or TV, the experience of indulging in a day of reading the newspapers that were loyally delivered to our homes and the time to take out that long overdue knitting project. It was also an opportunity to take a walk and to see some of the beautiful images, unexpected and out-of-sync, for a 'normal' late October afternoon.

Some food for thought: I watched a birch tree, brought to its 'knees' by the heavy, wet snow, be nudged by caring hands to be set free and to unfold and open its branches once again to the warming sun without any damage; a true sign of resilience. I have much gratitude for a safe journey home, my haven in the Hudson Highlands and friends who called or jogged over to check in (even an email from Norway) to see how I was doing. But next year, I plan to get my snow tires onto the car by October 1st!

Juxtaposition --
Snow and ice and autumn leaves,
When two seasons meet.

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